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SAI GURUSTHAN YOG CENTRE, so named by a Himalayan yogi, was founded by Dr. A. Gopalakrishna at Erode in 2006 to introduce the ancient practical philosophy of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through the composite principles of Yoga, Diet, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. The present society is afflicted with many ills, doubt and mental insecurity. Its members spend millions on their own health, visiting sickly hospitals throughout their lives virtually on a routine basis, forgetting the golden principles of their ancient traditions. Now the time has come that the entire society is re-enlightened on its hoary past to relieve it from the countless miseries. Sai Gurusthan Yog Centre is studiously engaged in doing its bit in this direction.

The Yog Centre is now governed by Sai Gurusthan Yog Trust, registered under Indian Trust Act, 1961. The Trust has imbibed in its charter many social, public charitable service activities in addition to providing Yoga training and conducting health programmes.  

The Yog Centre is located at Bharathi Vidya Nagar in Erode where regular and special yoga classes are held. It caters to men, women and children of all age groups. Special yoga programmes are offered for the treatment of specific ailments like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Arthritis and Pregnancy problems.

Ayurveda Clinic at the Centre provides consultations and treatment to the patients suffering from a myriad of diseases.

Based on a holistic diet, Naturopathy treatment is given for cleansing the body systems of their toxins leading to the cure of the resultant ailments and disturbances in the body.
Counseling forms another inalienable part of the programmes conducted by the Centre. The centres provides counseling and healing touch to the patients going through depression, family problems, suicidal tendencies and suffering from infertility, drug and liquor addiction.
The main Yog Centre is also running a satellite Yog Centre at Erode and more such centres are in the offing. Besides, short and long duration camps are regularly organized in various parts of Sothern India.


''Founder - Director - Yogacharya''

B.com., PG Diploma in Yoga, TTC, ATTC, B.s.s. Ayurveda, Naturopathy.




Dr. A. Gopalakrishna, Founder-Director-Yogacharya of Sai Gurusthan Yog Centre is a formally trained and highly experienced teacher and practitioner of Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. He received his advanced yoga training from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam; Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. He studied Ayurveda in Ayushalaya Ayurveda School in Kerala and is an R.M.P. in Naturopathy from Indian Council of Alternative Medicines.

He had been taking yoga classes in many leading yoga centres in Visakhapatnam for many years until he founded Sai Gurusthan Yog Centre in Erode.

He is young, energetic, empathetic and full of compassion for the poor and the suffering people. Blessed indeed by the Almighty and guided by a Himalayan yogi, he continues to serve the community with his inimitable, pleasing style.

About Saigurusthan Yog Centre




Bharathi Vidhya Nagar
Thindal, Erode-638 012
Mobile NO: 91-98651 35274

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Other Services are:

  • Daily Narayana Seva: (Sai Annadhanam)
  • Free tuition classes for poor children
  • Free medical camp for poor people once every month
  • Scholarship schemes for poor students
  • Tree plantation drives
  • Animal protection initiatives